Septic Repair

Jeffrey Edwards LLC has been serving the greater Sussex County, New Jersey area since 1979. A contractor specializing in septic repair, septic system design, tank removal, septic tank replacement, new tank installation, infiltration septic systems, aerobic treatment systems, excavation, pavers, decks and all phases of remodeling construction. To the left is a design of a new infiltration septic system installation – This system is typical of a modern install.

Jeffrey Edwards LLC is a New Jersey septic and earth moving company specializing in affordable quality septic, excavation contractor services in New York & New Jersey. We design septic systems including infiltration septic systems, gravity dosing septic systems and pressure dosing septic systems. We repair failed septic systems often found in forclosed homes.

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Septic System Installation

Infiltration Septic System Installation
Gravity Dosing Trench Septic System
Pressure Dosing Septic System Installation

Excavating New Jersey since 1979

A New York, New Jersey Septic System Contractor – We Focus on System Design, Installation, Tank Removal, Repair and Maintenance

  • Full Site Preperation Services in New York & New Jersey
  • Septic System Design
  • Septic Tank Removal
  • Septic System Removal
  • Septic Tank Replacement
  • Septic Tank Installation
  • (ATS) Aerobic Treatment Systems Design
  • Infiltration Septic System Design
  • Excavation – Major Grading or Resloping
  • Site Grading
  • Building Site – Preparation, Clearing
  • Grading and Erosion Control
  • Delivery of Fill Material
  • Disposal of Fill Material
  • Brick and Stone Patios, Walks, Steps – Installation, Removal
  • Retaining Wall – Installation, Removal
  • Deck, Porch – Build, Replacement